Anti-reflection glass

In indoor or outdoor, display products have always had a problem that the screen is hard to see due to external sunlight or light reflection.
This is a problem with the material used on the monitor screen and is caused by the reflection of about 8% to 12% of light from a generally-used Glass or Acrylic plate.

TOVA OPTECH’s Anti-Reflection glass uses optical thin film coating technology using vacuum deposition.
TOVA’s anti-reflective (AR) optical coatings are applied to glass, plastic and quartz substrates to enhance the viewability, clarity and color fidelity of display devices, and also improve durability and to reduce specular or diffuse surface reflections.

Our AR-W series Anti-reflection glass offers a 97% transmittance or more and 0.5% reflectance or less.

Product Feature

  • Substrate: Glass, Tempered glass, Quartz
  • E-Beam / Sputtering coating technology
  • Optical characteristics:
    - Transmittance: over 93%, over 97%
    - Reflectance: less 0.5%
  • Double side coating, Single side coating
  • Option:    AF coating, Substrate Enhancements (Tempering), Shatterproof safety treatment